Hardy made to serve as the "Upper Farm" in Far from the

"Ah! did I frighten the Senorita? Forgive. I have been waiting here a long time to speak to her. I wished to say --"

Hardy made to serve as the

Suddenly Alessandro discovered that he did not know what he wished to say.

Hardy made to serve as the

As suddenly, Ramona discovered that she knew all he wished to say. But she spoke not, only looked at him searchingly.

Hardy made to serve as the

"Senorita," he began again, "I would never be unfaithful to my duty to the Senora, and to you."

"I believe you, Alessandro," said Ramona. "It is not necessary to say more."

At these words a radiant joy spread over Alessandro's face. He had not hoped for this. He felt, rather than heard, that Ramona understood him. He felt, for the first time, a personal relation between himself and her.

"It is well," he said, in the brief phrase so frequent with his people. "It is well." And with a reverent inclination of his head, he walked away. Margarita, still dawdling surlily over her work in Father Salvierderra's room, heard Alessandro's voice, and running to discover to whom he was speaking, caught these last, words. Peering from behind a curtain, she saw the look with which he said them; saw also the expression on Ramona's face as she listened.

Margarita clenched her hands. The seed had blossomed. Ramona had an enemy.

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